The Taoist way to mental and physical health
as taught by Chee Soo
Lee Style
T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Tai Chi & Kung Fu Classes in Torrington, Exeter, Barnstaple, & North Devon

Welcome to the site of Lee Style Tai Chi & Feng Shou Kung Fu classes in the Devon area.   Our classes are
open to all ages and backgrounds and are open to beginners at all times of the year.  Feel free to browse the site, ask any questions or come along to one of our classes.   All you need is yourself and some loose comfortable clothing and a willingness to have a go at something new

What is Tai Chi Chuan?

People often ask what is Tai Chi?  Simply put, it's a health art, martial art and meditative art that has been developed over many centuries.   With its roots going back over 5, 000 years to the very earliest of Taoist traditions and thought, it is the ultimate expression of Taoism in unwritten form.  It is based around various gentle and non forceful exercises and this combined with deep breathing, a range of partner exercises, and moving forms results in a system that truly helps to maintain a healthy mind, spirit and body.  The exercises are designed to cultivate the bodies internal energy known as Chi which in turn helps to build inner strength, flexibility and suppleness, improve regeneration and increase the inner vitality.

People from all walks of life attend Tai Chi classes for many reasons.  Some just want to live healthier lives, others to learn an ancient art steeped in Taoist tradition, some have particular ailments that Tai Chi can help with (such as depression, chronic fatigue syndrome, stress, and physical injuries to name a few) and others just to bring some positive philosophy in their lives.  Whatever the reason students find that it soon helps them and so much more! 

The style of Tai Chi we teach is the Lee Style as taught by the late grand master Chee Soo.    Classes are relaxing and highly structured with the main emphasis on relaxation and health.   Further details about the Lee Style Tai Chi in Devon can be found here and also on the Taoist Cultural Arts Association (T.C.A.A.) web site.  

Feng Shou, Hand of the Wind Kung Fu:
Tai Chi is closely related to Taoist Martial Arts or Wu Shu,  The style we learn is called Feng Shou or Hand of the Wind Kung Fu. It is a soft or internal style which means that there is no blocking or hard physical contact. Instead you can learn to neutralise the attacking force by turning it back upon itself. This means training the sensitivity so that you can learn to read someone's intentions even before they make a move.  Further details can be found here Feng Shou Kung Fu.
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